MUC Consulting Annual Meeting: Prepared to Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Monday, 15 January 2024

MUC Consulting Annual Meeting: Prepared to Transform Challenges into Opportunities

Stepping into 2024, MUC Consulting will be 25 years old. In this long journey spanning a quarter of a century, MUC Consulting has encountered numerous challenges and obstacles. Nevertheless, through its unwavering spirit, determination, and the implementation of various innovations, MUC has not only endured but also thrived, despite going through a pandemic. 

At the age of 25, MUC Consulting has successfully upheld the quality of its performance and garnered trust from diverse stakeholders on both national and international fronts. Nevertheless, the company cannot afford to be complacent. Despite its achievements, numerous challenges persist amidst intensifying competition. MUC must adeptly transform these challenges into opportunities to sustain and enhance its success. This was the theme of the 24th MUC Annual Meeting held at Aston Priority Simatupang Hotel and Conference Centre, last Friday (12/1). 
With the theme "MUC 25 Years: Changing Challenges to Chances", the MUC Annual Meeting serves as more than a forum to convey performance achievements, strategic plans, and company performance evaluations. It also stands as a moment of togetherness for management and all MUC Consulting employees to be able to work together to face future challenges.  

On the occasion, Chairman and founder of MUC Consulting Muhammad Razikun revealed that the age of 25 is actually a crisis period in the company's cycle. At that age, the company may already have a strong foundation and experience in facing many challenges, however, it should not necessarily be satisfied with the current status quo. "One of the keys to a long-lived company is to be able to pay attention to the cycle. It's not merely acknowledging that it's been 25 years; rather, one must carefully assess the life cycle and business cycle, remaining vigilant to anticipate and address upcoming challenges," he emphasized.

In addition, Razikun continued, to face increasingly diverse challenges, leaders who have multi-generational characteristics are needed. This is to keep up with the times, including the development of technology and the digital world which changes quite quickly. In addition, generational diversity must also be able to be utilized well by optimizing the strengths and expertise of each generation to create effective collaboration. 

"The company's performance in the past year (2023) has been quite remarkable, both in terms of financial development, marketing, and branding. However, new approaches are still needed so that the company can remain competitive. In addition, the importance of multi-generational leaders who can share knowledge, because the accumulated knowledge and experience can continue to flow to the next generations," he said.

Similarly, Managing Partner of MUC Consulting Sugianto also explained that companies must be able to maintain solidity within MUC, including by accommodating intergenerational communication due to the generation gap among employees. He considered that opinions or views from various generations can be an important variable in company decision-making. 

"Solidity is important to maintain MUC. Indeed, most of you do not know the process. It could be that MUC was born, some (employees) were not even born yet. But this (Annual Meeting) theme is good. If we see challenges as a burden, it will be difficult to move, especially if we feel there are many challenges," he explained. 

Sugianto stressed that the diverse challenges faced today should be viewed as opportunities as the company possesses the potential to seize these opportunities. For this reason, although MUC's progress growth is quite high, the company still has to grow. 

Therefore, Sugianto emphasized that every generation plays a crucial role in MUC's development. He anticipates contributions and active participation from all employees, with a special emphasis on fostering innovation. "We aspire for each of us to serve as ambassadors, contributing to the expansion of MUC," he added. (KEN) 


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