Celebrating 23rd Anniversary and 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, MUC Hosts Sports Competition & English Carnival

Wednesday, 17 August 2022

Celebrating 23rd Anniversary and 77th Anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia, MUC Hosts Sports Competition & English Carnival
Ilustrasi MUC Consulting menyelenggarakan kompetisi olahraga dan English Carnival. (Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels)

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting hosts an English Carnival and various sports competitions to commemorate the 77th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) as well as the 23rd Company Anniversary. Numerous MUC employees from all departments and positions, as well as from different generations, attended this annual event.

English Carnival is a regular competition organized by MUC's Quality Assurance (QA) Division to improve the employees' English proficiency. For the middle of this year, the English Carnival is held differently, by inviting MUC people to voice various aspirations through creative audio-visual-based content.

With the theme "Voice Your Noise", MUC's QA Division divides three categories of competitions based on the type of digital work being contested, namely video tutorials, video review topics, and podcasts. The total prize for the English Carnival is IDR 6 million.

Meanwhile, the organizer and personnel in charge of sports competitions are the MUC Sports Team. The Badminton Competition opened a series of events involving 6 pairs of women's doubles and 8 pairs of men's doubles.

Kompetisi badminton berlangsung ketat dan menghasilkan dua pasang ganda putra dan putri terbaik sebagai juara. Juara 1 Ganda Putri dimenangkan oleh Anisah (Tax Compliance)/ Reyda R (Tax Compliance). Sedangkan Juara 2 Ganda Putri adalah Siti Aliza (Human Capital) /Nadya M (Tax Compliance). Untuk ganda putra, Juara 1 Lomba Badminton MUC 2022 adalah Iim I (IT & Multimedia)/Irmanto (Finance) dan Juara 2 M Fuad (Quality Assurance)/Didin (General Affair).

Meanwhile, Mini Soccer was held at DCM Soccer Field, Jagakarsa, Friday (19/8). A total of 42 MUC employees divided into four teams fought for the inaugural MUC Sport Cup.

The next sports competition that is still and will continue to be the Fast Walk and Virtual Run, the final result of which is still waiting for the final.

MUC Consulting's Managing Partner Sugianto stated, that the holding of this annual competition is the company's effort to strengthen the relationship and reinforce solidarity among employees. In addition, this competition is also intended to improve the sense of family within the company.

"Then, in addition to remembering the services of the heroes who have been willing to sacrifice for the independence of Indonesia, this retrospective sports competition also aims to cultivate the spirit of sportsmanship and encourage team cohesiveness," he explained.


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