#JUSTISE​ 1: Avoid Any Dispute and Protect Your Brand

#JUSTISE​ 1: Avoid Any Dispute and Protect Your Brand

The #Justise (Jurist Talk in Series) program is a discussion event that is facilitated by experts and competent business law practitioners to discuss the latest legal and legal business issues. The program was initiated by MUC Attorney At Law and supported by MUC Consulting.

Embracing Opportunity with Agility

MUC TALK:  Time to Laugh

MUC Bijak #6: Digital Booms & Tax Challenges in the New Normal Era

Tips for Dealing with Objection & Appeals in the New Normal Era

MUC TALK # 1: Halal Bihalal Edition

MUC Bijak #3: Customs and Excise Responses to the Covid-19 Pandemic

MUC Bijak #3: Impact of Covid-19 on International Taxation Practices

MUC Bijak #2: Incentive of ITA 21 Borne by the Government for Covid-19 Affected Taxpayers

MUC Bijak #1:Tax Role in Countering Covid-19 Pandemic

TaxRoom #3: Imported Goods Shopping Above US$3 Subject to Import Duties

#TaxRoom: DGT Launches Single Login Facility

#TAXROOM : Indonesia-Singapura Revisi Tax Treaty

#BIJAK: Tax Consequence of the Ownership of a Vehicle

MUC Consulting-KONTAN Held Seminar

MUC Consulting Transforming Logo

#BIJAK: Terms and Conditions Final Tax on MSME 0,5%

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