Continuous Professional Development is a self-continuous development program of MUC’s employees. The development is related to technical and non-technical skills (soft skill), such as writing, reading books, attending training, discussions, etc. In addition, employees may join various activities, both those held internally and externally by third parties.

The company facilitates the program with an internal digital system into which each employee can input their achievement. CPD contains a minimum point target according to employees’ position. The target is one of the consideration indicators for the management to assess whether the employee deserves a promotion.

This program is aimed at motivating all employees to carry out constant self improvement and make self-development a deeply rooted culture in the employees’ daily life.

This program is the implementation of learning organization value adopted by the company through a study of various cases by the employees, namely by handling a comprehensive case covering various disciplines related to daily assignments. The program’s objective is to train the employees’ analytical thinking, critical thinking, and cooperation process between the team members. In the program, the employees are divided into several cross-division teams to enable the employees to pick up new perspectives. The cases provided are carefully crafted to accommodate the diverse cross-division perspectives, enriching the knowledge and understanding of the employees. Furthermore, each team will have a chance to present the case handled in front of all employees through a discussion session. At the end of the event, each team must make a paper related to the case tackled.

This program is the implementation of learning organization value adopted by the company through a book review program aimed at increasing the literacy culture in the company; expanding knowledge; advancing non-technical skill (soft skill), analytical thinking, and critical thinking; as well as improving the cooperation between employees. The books selected as the materials in the program are related to improvement, professionalism, management, as well as global knowledge issues. In the program, the employees will be divided into several cross-division teams to enable the employees to pick up new perspectives. Each team is tutored by a coach, who is a supervisor-level employee, and a mentor, who is a managerial-level employee. Both tutors will assist the team in understanding the book and drawing a conclusion. After the discussion process within the team, each team will have a chance to present the book in front of all employees through an appealing and attractive discussion session, transferring the new vision obtained from the book to all employees.

The training program is a routine development program related to technical and non-technical (soft skill) skills of the employees. The program is an effort to translate learning organization value, creating a continuous learning culture for all employees in the company. Technical skill-related training is conducted by creating training groups of each division to exchange views on technical issues based on the scope of their assignments. However, at certain time, the team may hold a cross-division collaboration training to talk about a widely-discussed issue in order to synchronize the employees’ comprehension. Non-technical (soft skill) training will also be held periodically with a selected theme as required by the employees. The selected topics are mapped during an assessment process of training needs by professional psychologists, resulting in internal soft skill training programs. Aside from the topic in demand, the company also holds a public speaking training to enhance the employees’ capability in speaking and presenting ideas in front of the general public, as well as increasing the employees’ confidence.

Coaching leadership is a leadership skill development conducted in a coaching group method and intended for future leaders, from employees in senior consultant position to managerial level. This program is facilitated by a Certified Professional Coach who will lead the coaching group session by bringing about issues related to leadership competencies, team problem solving, and team development. The program is aimed at training the employees’ leadership, developing their critical thinking, encouraging their confidence to speak up their minds, as well as being the place to have a dialogue and exchange ideas and inspiration between future leaders.

Sharing with Partners is a discussion forum for all employees from all levels with Partners as the speaker. This program is expected to materialize learning organization and humane company values adopted by the company. The forum will discuss topics related to soft skill development, basic competency as professional workers, and leadership competency development. The program targets to facilitate the communication between the employees and the company’s leaders, as well as to inspire the employees to duplicate the leaders’ mindset and value. In the forum, the employees may raise questions regarding the topic, discuss the obstacles in achieving the competency, as well as freely and directly give their suggestions and opinions to the leaders.

Competency test is a development program intended to track the technical skill of employees, both their strengths and weakness.

The competency test result will be the base map of employee development because it contains important information regarding:

  1. The strength of the employees’ technical skills to be trained and utilized as their power, which will be useful in an appropriate distribution of assignments; and
  2. The reference for the superordinate to implement a proper technical development program for the subordinate, based on the noted technical competence.

The company holds the competency test program once a year. Each employee is entitled to have a discussion with the superordinate regarding the competency test result for self-improvement purposes.

Performance appraisal is a systematic evaluation of the employees’ performance conducted twice a year. The program is aimed at understanding the employees’ performance and capability through various types of assessment, namely self- assessment, subordinate to superordinate assessment (leader assessment), and superordinate to subordinate assessment (subordinate assessment). The result will be one of the consideration points for the company to plan further career development for the employees, heading for the best position for the best individual scheme. 

The performance appraisal program can be accessed through the company’s digital system. In the system, the employees must first fill assessment forms online. After that, the employees will have face-to-face discussion sessions with the superordinate/the subordinate regarding the result of the performance appraisal. The discussion will be an open communication media between the superordinate and the subordinate in discussing the employee’s career and improvement.

Squad project is a development program whose purpose is to establish an innovative ecosystem and culture in the company. In this program, all employees will have a chance to express their innovative ideas for the company’s evaluation by forming a group that will handle the innovation project. The group is called the squad project. Squad project is assembled independently by employees proposing the project, without conforming to the hierarchy of position in the organizational structure. All employees from any level and division with the same vision and mission may work together in a group to run the innovation project. Squad project is established to explore and channel the employees’ creative ideas, create a collaborative culture in the company, rise intrapreneurship, train leadership, and target future leaders in the company.

English Club is a routine development program to enhance the employees’ English skills. The English Club is operated by Quality Assurance Division by setting up small discussion groups that will have conversations in interesting and light issues, allowing an interactive discussion process. During the club meeting, all employees are obliged to use English in order to practice the employees’ verbal and written English.

The company stipulates that all employees joining the company will be included in a psychological talent screening. The purpose of this program is to map out the strength, talent, work attitude, and personality aspects to be improved, allowing the employees to develop optimally according to their own potential. Moreover, in certain positions, the employees will be sent to a psychological assessment program to map the improvement of their work attitude, potentiality owned, and leadership potentiality growth. This program targets employees in a preparation stage to be leaders. Both tests are organized by professional psychologists from reliable institutions that will provide independent assessment results. 

In addition, all employees may receive a feedback session on the result of the screening and assessment for a directive regarding the utilization and the optimization of their potential as well as improving or mending noted aspects. 

Through the program, the company will have a strategic map of the personality and the talent of each employee to enable an appropriate development program for each employee. Additionally, this program shows the company’s respect for each potential of each employee, as well as the implementation of humane company values adopted by the company.

Jumat Bersih is a collaborative program for all employees in promoting clean and neat working spaces. This program is operated by the Document Centre and Building Management Divisions by involving all employees to make a report regarding the condition of their working spaces in case of any damage or problem. The purpose of the program is to create cooperation between teams to maintain the company’s environment, increase the bond between employees, and grow a sense of responsibility for all employees regarding the comfort of their own working space.

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