Culture and Values

We, the management of MUC, believe that employees as valued assets whose knack must be nurtured is the key to our success. We realized that each person matters and each of us has a gift worth to train.

For us, a company is the best medium for employees to understand their own flair and thus fully enhance it. And because of that, MUC seeks to create employee development programs, both for technical and non-technical (soft skill) skills. Other than creating methods to endorse the growth of employees’ abilities, MUC also carefully plans a professional, friendly, and supportive corporate culture, providing employees with a sense of comfort in displaying the best version of themselves and encourage them to explore their own capabilities....

To establish a professional work culture, we cultivate the finest positive values to enable the forming of the work culture we aim. Ensuring excellence, cohesiveness, humane company, and continuous learning values in MUC’s daily life is the foremost part of Human Capital. MUC’s warm culture that puts forward humane company and cohesiveness values is expected to be a comfortable atmosphere for employees to advance together in a simultaneous learning process. The process relies not only on the coaching-mentoring process and case-handling experience but also from various lively and active training and discussion forums in MUC. A pleasant and engaging ambiance is assembled to make the employees feel at home while working and deliver a professional and sincere service to clients.

We aim at being an excellent company in providing services and the best working partner that radiates contentment to clients as a value differentiator.

Program and Activities

In MUC Consulting, employees are considered the best assets the Company own. Employees are not only seen as a tool bound to daily works and the monthly salary, but as an asset thus required to be developed, as well as given a chance to show their best potential. Based on that spirit, the management of MUC Consulting attempts to hold programs and activities to support the employees’ development.

Join with Us!

If you’re looking for a challenging, yet inspiring job? Join with us today. In MUC Consulting, our works touch million lives, especially Indonesian, and even world, taxpayers. We’re looking for individuals dedicating themselves as well as sharing the same vision to be the part of our humane company for a brighter future.

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