Back to School! MUC Consulting Holds Art Performance Activity on The 24th Anniversary

Monday, 31 July 2023

Back to School! MUC Consulting Holds Art Performance Activity on The 24th Anniversary

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting commemorated its 24th anniversary on Friday (28/7), by holding a celebration titled "MUC Anniversary, Embracing Knowledge, Elevating Excellence".

The event, which used the concept of art performance, aka pensi, was a means for MUC Consulting to strengthen the cooperation of all employees and management.

In addition, through this art performance event, it is hoped that there will be space for MUC Consulting employees at various levels to express their artistic aspirations, such as drama, dance, or music.

That is why, MUC Consulting's birthday celebration this time felt different and more festive compared to the celebrations in previous years. Although it was only held in the yard of MUC Consulting's office.

In addition, this event also gave a new ambiance in the midst of the routines of MUC Consulting employees who are daily struggling with various tax services.

MUC Consulting hoped that the art performance themed "Back to School" could be a place for learning, expression, and friendship, as well as a nostalgic event for the employees since they can recall memories of when they were in school.

Memories during school are expected to remind them that learning is something that must be done continuously. Likewise, when they are now working in MUC, the mentality of being a learner is maintained, so that employees with excellence can be born.

By having employees with a learning mentality, MUC Consulting is expected to continue to be a growing company. This is important considering that the challenges faced are increasingly complex.

Importance of Ethical Value

In his speech, Managing Partner of MUC Consulting Sugianto said that MUC Consulting's journey for 24 years was extraordinary. Thus, with the experience gained in that time span, MUC Consulting has become a growing company with a global reputation.

This is because MUC always sticks to its commitment to running a business based on ethical values. "This ethical value will be a strong foundation for us in building MUC," said Sugianto (Friday, 26/7).

Therefore, all employees in MUC Consulting must fully understand the values set by the company, namely the spirit of excellence, human company, and learning organization.

On the same occasion, MUC Consulting Chairman Dr. Muhammad Razikun reminded the employees to maintain the spirit of learning. Given, the challenges ahead will be even greater. (ASP/KEN)


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