23 Years of MUC Consulting: Happy Employees, Productivity Increased

Monday, 01 August 2022

23 Years of MUC Consulting: Happy Employees, Productivity Increased
Seluruh jajaran manajemen dan karyawan merayakan Milad MUC ke-23 di On Green Garden Raffles Hills, Cibubur pada Jumat (29/7)

JAKARTA. In 2022, MUC Consulting celebrates its 23rd anniversary. After several online and hybrid events due to the pandemic, this year's anniversary celebration was held offline for the first time.
Located at On Green Garden Raffles Hills Cibubur, the outdoor celebration was attended by around 200 people, including management and employees.

With the theme "Be Happy and Stay Productive", the birthday event this time has been lively. MUC Consulting's Managing Partner Sugianto opened the event by expressing his gratitude for the achievements of the company that has been established for 23 years. "Alhamdulillah, we are grateful that we are given the extraordinary opportunity from Allah until we are 23 years old," he said.

Sugianto continued, that the age of 23 shows that MUC is an established company. However, amid its establishment, the company continues to modernize its business processes in order to keep up with the changes. In fact, the pandemic which had brought many companies out of business was actually used by MUC to make a number of improvements so that the company's performance could be more effective and efficient.

Chairman of MUC Consulting Muhammad Razikun added, that when the company was first founded, there were a number of big dreams that want to be realized. At the age of 23, according to him, most of these dreams have been realized. “The realization of these big dreams cannot be separated from the role of the younger generation. Therefore, it is the duty of this young generation to uphold the principles of MUC so that it can grow into an even greater business," he stated.

Second Home

On the occasion, Sugianto also explained that in accordance with MUC's values ??which is a humane company, his party also hopes that the company can become a second home for employees. Thus, the process of determining company policies always involves employees. "Because all of this is for us together. The good or bad of our house depends on us, what is in our head and what we desire to do,” he explained.

Therefore, Sugianto emphasized that the togetherness in MUC can be maintained and become the spirit for the company to continue to grow. Through this togetherness, it is hoped that all employees including the management will be able to contribute and collaborate to build the company for the greater good. "With that direction (togetherness), the house we build can be big and bring happiness for us all in the future," he added.

Be Happy and Stay Productive

In line with the theme of the 23rd MUC anniversary, this anniversary celebration was also enlivened with various fun and meaningful activities. In addition to various fun games aimed at strengthening team cohesiveness and solidarity, there is also a charity program initiated by the MUC Butterfly Effect team, in the form of providing scholarships for underprivileged employees' children from elementary school to university level. Also, on this occasion, there were also awards and prizes for the winners of the writing contest. Not to mention livening things up, there was also a door prize for lucky employees.

"In keeping with the tagline, "Be happy and stay productive," I believe this can serve as an encouragement for all of us so that we can be happy while contributing to the common good," Sugianto concluded. (KEN)


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