MUC Great Program 2022: The Importance of Future Skills in Response to Uncertainty

Friday, 04 March 2022

MUC Great Program 2022: The Importance of Future Skills in Response to Uncertainty

JAKARTA. For the umpteenth time, MUC Consulting through the MUC Great Program contributed to the debriefing event for prospective DIII Tax Accounting graduates, Trisakti University. On Wednesday (2/3), MUC Consulting Director Erry Tri Merryta SH, CEC became a speaker in a webinar entitled "Preparing Future Skills, Building Resilience in Competitive Era" which was held online via the zoom application.

On this occasion, Erry said that future skills are important in times of uncertainty like today. Because now humans are no longer competing with others but also with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

"We are about to enter an incredibly new and highly competitive world of work with AI. Therefore, you must be able to be different from the AI," she explained.

According to Erry, the unprecedented existence of a pandemic has forced companies worldwide to change and keep up with the times. The role of technology is also increasingly important, including the use of AI for more effective and efficient work results. As a result, many fields of work will be eroded or even lost to be replaced by AI. Based on data from the World Economic Forum (WEF), there are a number of jobs that will be replaced by technology, including data entry staff, accountants and auditors, factory workers, to training and development experts.

For this reason, prospective employees and employees who have worked for years, Erry continued, inevitably have to do what is called reskilling in 2025 later. Reskilling is the process of learning new skills so that a person is able to do different jobs while training people to do different jobs.

"An example of reskilling, for example, in the past, HRD at MUC only needed the skill to write SOPs. Now they are required to convey MUC regulations to employees not only in written form but also infographics and video graphics. Because it is more efficient and effective. They finally learn those things" she explained.

There are several things that can be done to do reskilling. Among them, according to McKinsey, are developing skills such as critical digital, cognitive capabilities, social and emotional skills, also adaptability and resilience. Meanwhile, based on the World Employment Confederation (WEC) there are four skills that must be mastered, including literacy, anticipation, systems thinking, and strategic foresight.

Erry explained, to have these new skills there are several things we can do to get started. First, determine the life goals we want to achieve, start setting a learning schedule for self-development, then do planning and organizing, and make self-management and time. Then, we also have to start honing system thinking by mapping out problems and solutions. Also, start building commitment and self-integrity and finally pay attention to well-being or a sense of mental stability.

For information, the MUC GREAT Program is one of the MUC Consulting Group's CSR programs designed to provide students with an overview of the taxation profession. This program is expected to improve the technical abilities and soft skills of students before they enter the world of work. (KEN)


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