MUC Consulting Holds the 21st Annual Meeting Amid the Pandemic

Tuesday, 26 January 2021

MUC Consulting Holds the 21st Annual Meeting Amid the Pandemic

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting held the 21st annual meeting, since the Jakarta-based tax consulting company was founded.

Since it was held in the middle of the Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic, the meeting that took place on 22 January 2021 must be done virtually. 

Although there was no face-to-face meeting, the annual meeting with the theme "Collaboration For Resilience and Care" can run smoothly and a number of activities can be carried out well.

In his speech, MUC Consulting Chairman Muhammad Razikun said he was grateful that the company that was established in 1999 could go through the year 2020, which is full of challenges, well.

Although the national and global economies experienced shocks due to the Covid-19 pandemic, various innovations and adjustments made, have enabled MUC Consulting to survive the crisis.

"We would like to thank the management of MUC Consulting who have carried out their programs and duties during 2020 with dedication, loyalty so that we can properly manage our business," said Razikun.

Dynamic Governance 

While on the same occasion, Managing Partner of MUC Consulting Sugianto said that all achievements made in 2020, become the company's asset in facing the various challenges that await in 2021

Sugianto realizes that the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic will remain. This means that a number of several industrial sectors will still feel the aftermath of the last year's crisis.

For this reason, the company has developed various plans and strategies to be implemented in 2021.

One of the adjustments is to change the work pattern from a performance-based model to dynamic governance.

These changes will be supported by an organizational structure that is able to adapt to the changes as they occur. "Human resources that are capable of being a prerequisite so that this change from performance-based to dynamic can work," said Sugianto.

Furthermore, MUC Consulting Partner Karsino also revealed that MUC Consulting has a mission to develop the company so that it can be globally competitive. This reflects the fact that there are already many prospects for consulting services with global coverage.



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