MUC 21th Anniversary: Becoming More Mature and Wiser to Seize Opportunities

Tuesday, 28 July 2020

MUC 21th Anniversary: Becoming More Mature and Wiser to Seize Opportunities

Young is a process, old is for sure, and maturity is a choice. 


This is not a merely a popular saying commonly used as a pun. This is the process of life that every human being must go through. Even so with MUC Consulting, which this August turns 21 years of work and contribution to the nation. Also for Indonesia, which next month will turn to 75.

Like an adolescent, age transition to 21 is a much more difficult business stage for MUC than before, which is the maturity stage. Growing up is not just a matter of greater responsibility. Growing up also talk about how MUC and every individual who becomes its motor can face every challenge and overcome every problem that comes with a wise attitude.

At the age of 21, it can be said that the future is in your grasp. Many things that we really do not want to be done, inevitably have to be done for a better future. Because, change is an inevitability, and we must be smart and agile in capturing every pattern of change. Especially in the midst of waves of disruption, various disasters and pandemic, as well as the economic crisis that often overshadows. 

MUC is aware of that, realizing that the future is full of uncertainty, understanding that the future is full of challenges and competition and also knowing that the changes that occur must be balanced with adaptive business behavior in following the changes themselves.

However, MUC is optimistic that there will always be opportunities to grow and expand the business, even in uncertain and alarming situation as it is today. 

Departing from the current condition, MUC Consulting commemorates the anniversary in a simple way and minimal face to face interaction. With the theme "Embracing Opportunity with Agility", all MUC people gathered and stayed in touch in a virtual room, Tuesday (28/7/2020). A forum that also facilitates the exchange of ideas and sharing experiences, so that MUC Consulting as a tax consulting firm and business is agile and wise in capturing every opportunity. 

This 21st anniversary is also a momentum for every MUCers to be grateful for life and sustenance that has been given by Allah SWT.

Apart from celebrating its achievements, MUC Consulting also conducted a series of social actions. To coincide with the commemoration of National Children's Day, MUC through the Butterfly Effect program has distributed donations from various parties to the Special Education Foundation (YPLB). From cash assistance, basic necessities, medical products and devices, to snacks, were distributed to more than 150 children at YPLB. 


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