It's Time For Selling Care

Wednesday, 08 July 2020

It's Time For Selling Care

The Corona Virus Disease pandemic (Covid-19), that hit various countries in the world, has had an extraordinary impact, especially on the economy. Business world has not fully recovered yet. Not a few businesses are still experiencing pressure due to this outbreak. Even so, efforts to market the company's services or products in the middle of a pandemic must continue.  But in a completely different way and approach.

According to renowned marketing expert from United States (US) Ross Fishman, the current world conditions have changed. Therefore, the approach to the client also must be different. "Just think about when Katrina's storm is raving New Orleans, imagine we become an impacted person, who loses everything, including his business. Imagine the sadness and disappointment.  That's why, the approach to clients has to be different, "explained Fishman in the MSI Global Alliance Webinar titled" Marketing Your Firm in Challenging Environment "on June 26, 2020.

The CEO of Fishman Marketing is revealing, what to do today to approach clients is to focus on what they need. He called it Selling Care. So, it is no longer an effort to market a company's products or services.  "It is wrong to sell a company's products or services in at the time of pandemic like now," he said.

Fishman stressed, this is the right time to be more than just a consultant. To be specific by becoming a needed advisor and trusted client. The method is companies should focus on regular and loyal clients rather than prospecting new clients. He suggested to maintain good relations with regular clients.  This can be started by occasionally asking for news and offering help if needed. The assistance provided can be in the form of services needed outside the company's related services, but it's still complementary. Therefore, Fishman states that cross selling and cross marketing are very possible at this time.

"Contact your best clients, to make sure they're okay. Ask how they're doing and offer help as much as we can if their business is bad. The point is send a message that we are there for them, "said the former litigator.

Fishman continued, clients will certainly be surprised by the attention given. They also become more open to us. He explained, clients who might have very bad business conditions during this pandemic, would really appreciate the attention we give.  The bonus, when the business improves, they will not hesitate to use the same company services as well as recommend it to their business partners.

In addition to asking about how they are and the help that might be needed, Fishman also emphasized the importance of being a good listener. Therefore, he suggested that we listen more than we talk when we call or maybe meet loyal clients. Let the client talks a lot. He gives advice, 20 percent we ask questions, the rest 80 percent of clients do the talking.

"Because they don't need to know how smart you are or how good your firm is. The more they talk, the more they like you," he said.

Attractive Webinar

Fishman also provides a number of tips related to videoconferencing. As it is known, nowadays virtual meeting platforms such as zoom, teams or Google meet become very popular. Thanks to these platforms, people from different locations in the world can connect and host meetings simultaneously. However, he stressed that because it is virtual, people can easily leave a meeting or webinar when they feel bored.

For this reason, it is very important to create a virtual meeting or a webinar that we host, as interesting as possible. For example, One with a duration that is not too long with a solid material and not long-winded. Then from the visual side, He recommends that our face does not seem to fill the screen. "The portion of your face as much as possible is only 50 percent of the entire screen. The rest focus on backrgound, it could be your home or maybe the background representing your firm, "he explained.

Furthermore, Fishman also talked about how to develop content for clients. He outlined, content that is aimed like newsletters to clients should be short but dense. The speed of conveying information to clients must also be a concern. "Because they need that information immediately," he added.

On that occasion Fishman revealed the importance of determining business specialization. He gave an example, if the company is experienced and good in the field of property, then it should focus on that sector. Then determine the company's jurisdiction. He stressed that a focus on specialization and jurisdiction could make the company a market leader. "End this difficult time by becoming a market leader in certain sectors and jurisdictions," he concluded. (Ken)


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