MSI Global: Need Progressive and Fresh Thinking Leaders To Face the Waves of Change

Thursday, 08 July 2021

MSI Global: Need Progressive and Fresh Thinking Leaders To Face the Waves of Change

MUC Consulting's partners and managers participated in the MSI Virtual Asia Pacific Regional Conference, Thursday (8/7/2021). The international seminar held by MSI Global Alliance invites professionals and business people to seek out business breakthroughs to cope with challenges and waves of change of the world.

MSI Global Alliance is a leading international association of independent legal and accounting firms based in London, England. MUC Consulting is one of 250 MSI member companies in more than 100 countries.

One of the speakers at this seminar was Nicholas V. Chen, Managing Partner of Pamir Law Group, an international law and business consulting firm headquartered in Taiwan and Shanghai, China.

Chen opened the discussion by describing the five major waves or challenges that every company faces today. Namely: (1) dependence on the client;  (2) financial management issues;  (3) fatigue that leads to hasty decision making;  (4) dependence on the founders of the company;  and (5) how to balance between quality and business growth.

These five challenges not only affect pattern change and transformation of business in the future, but also potentially threaten the existence of almost all companies in the world.

Nevertheless, Chen believes that there is always hope and opportunity to grow in the midst of rapid waves of change. Therefore, entrepreneurs are not only required to be resilient and adaptable but also sensitive and sympathetic in providing the best services and solutions for clients or customers. 

In this uncertain world condition, there is a challenger to create a breakthrough firm from a business mentor and renowned writer Simon Tupman. 

Tupman encouraged professionals and businesses to change mindsets and create momentum for business transformation. This breakthrough is not only needed in the condition of Covid-19 pandemic, but also important to be implemented in the midst of a wave of massive changes in the field of technology and information. 

In his view, every technological development not only changes people's expectations, but also business regulations and the increasingly diversified labor market.

So, it requires fresh thinking, new skills, and revolutionary ideas to seek clarity in an increasingly uncertain world.

In addition, what is also no less important is the role of progressive leaders who are able to bring about change by engaging their best people in their business development.


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