DGT Extends The Submission of Annual Individual Income Tax Return

Monday, 16 March 2020

DGT Extends The Submission of Annual Individual Income Tax Return

JAKARTA. The Directorate General of Tax (DGT) extends the deadline for the submission of Annual Individual Income Tax Return (Surat Pemberitahuan Pajak Penghasilan Orang Pribadi/ SPT PPh OP). Normally, the deadline for the submission is on 31 March of every year.

However, for the submission of individual income tax return for the 2019 tax year, the time limit was extended to a maximum of 30 April 2020. This was stated by DGT through its written statement, on Sunday (15/3).  Meanwhile, the deadline for submitting Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (SPT PPh badan) remains the same, which is April 31, 2020.

This policy is a form of relaxation given by DGT to taxpayers, along with the widespread of the corona virus.  Besides relaxing the submission of Annual Income Tax Returns (SPT PPh) the DGT also provides relaxation of the submission of Periodic Tax Return    

(SPT Masa Pajak) for the February 2020 tax period, a maximum of 30 April 2020 submitted. Therefore, even if the submission is later than 31 March 2020, taxpayers (Wajib Pajak/WP) will not be subject to late sanctions.

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Submission of Annual Tax Return Increases

Based on DGT data, up to 16 March, 2020 the number of taxpayers (WP) who have submitted annual individual income tax returns was recorded at 7.5 million. This amount is higher comparing to the same period in 2019 which amounted to 6.9 million WP.

From the realization, as many as 6.67 WP delivered SPT through the DGT efiling channel, 11,973 WP used efiling through the Application Service Provider (ASP), 419,032 with e-forms, 99,947 used e-SPT, and those who reported manually were 306,464.

As viewed by type of tax return, most  submissions come from SPT 1770 S, or SPT for individual taxpayers (WP OP) earns above IDR 60 million a year, as much as 4.07 million WP.  The rest comes from the SPT 1770 or SPT for people who work as free workers as much as 643,812 SPT.

Then, the amount of SPT 1770 SS or submitted by WP OP earns under Rp 60 million a year, is 2.56 million SPT. While the SPT submitted by coporate taxpayers (WP Badan) or using the tax return form 1771 totaling 218,816 tax returns and SPT 1771 in USD totaling 212 SPT. (ASP/ken) 

NumberType of SPTAmount of SPT
1SPT 1770643.612
2SPT 1770 S4.075.163
3SPT 1770 SS2.564.613
4SPT 1771218.816
5SPT 1771 USD212

Total 7.503.616

Source : DJP


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