Hosting Seminar, MUC Consulting Visits Taxpayers in Semarang

Tuesday, 07 November 2023

Hosting Seminar, MUC Consulting Visits Taxpayers in Semarang

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting visited the capital city of Central Java Province, Semarang on 2 November 2023, to hold a tax seminar. The theme of the seminar is "Tax and Accounting Aspects on Benefit in Kind (BiK) and fringe benefit in accordance with Ministry of Finance Regulation (PMK) 66/2023 and PMK 72/2023". 

The seminar was intended for taxpayers in Semarang and its surrounding areas, as an area with great economic potential. It is indicated by the establishment of a number of special economic zones.

The seminar, held at the Novotel Semarang Hotel, was attended by dozens of participants representing companies operating in Central Java.

In detail, at least three main subjects were discussed at this seminar. First, the Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) Number 66 of 2023. Second, PMK Number 72 of 2023. 

The other material is related to the strategy of dealing with the Request for Explanation of Data and/or Information (SP2DK) and tax audits. 

The material on PMK 66/2023 and PMK 72/2023 in the tax context will be delivered by the Tax Compliance Manager of MUC Consulting, Muhammad Ridho.  

Meanwhile, the accounting aspect will be presented by KAP RTS Partner, Adi Rasidi. Then, the material on strategies for dealing with SP2DK will be delivered by Tax Dispute Manager of MUC Consulting, Rakhmah Sofia.

For information, this event is also supported by Pajak.com. the media partner of the seminar. Pajak.com is a news portal that focuses on taxation.

MUC Consulting is open to collaborating with various parties, in carrying out its commitment related to the dissemination of tax information. 

In addition, such endeavors exemplify MUC Consulting's commitment as a leading tax company operating in Jakarta and Surabaya to encourage taxpayers to adhere to tax provisions properly and correctly. (ASP/KEN)


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