Greeting the 23rd Anniversary, MUC Library Holds You Do You Book Review

Monday, 18 July 2022

Greeting the 23rd Anniversary, MUC Library Holds You Do You Book Review
Fellexandro Ruby, penulis buku You Do You memaparkan konsep ikigai dan kaitannya dengan passion dalam acara Bedah Buku You Do You

JAKARTA. Everything that has to do with the pursuit of passion is a never-ending conversation. Because both the easy and difficult aspects of discovering this interest are present. Many say that if you are able to find it, life will be easier because activities such as work or study are no longer challenging but rather fun.

However, the author of Mega Best Seller's book entitled You Do You: Discovering Life through Experiments and Self-Awareness Fellexandro Ruby, has a slightly different view on passion. According to the businessman and influencer, happiness at work cannot be achieved solely through passion. Based on his experience, the most appropriate formula for living life is to find what lies between passion and reward or income. This is called the concept of Ikigai.

The process of finding Ikigai became a big theme in the You Do You Book Review event held by MUC Library. The book review event which took place on Friday (15/7), presented the original author, Fellexandro Ruby, and MUC Consulting Tax Dispute Supervisor Titis Sukmaningrum as the moderator.

In the event, Ruby revealed, with his work experiences in a variety of rather various fields, made him come to the conclusion that understanding one's ikigai is the most crucial thing. He also outlined the basic differences between passion and ikigai. According to him, passion is what we are interested in, but in reality it is not enough. Because in order to reap results or rewards, passion must be transformed into a competent skill. In addition, we also have to see if the skill is needed by the world.

"We can't merely be based on passion, it seems. Because we also need to be realistic. So that ikigai is a slice of passion, reward and the need for the skill itself,” said Ruby.

Therefore, Ruby emphasized that in addition to enjoying work according to our passion, we must also remain aware to look forward to the opportunities that exist for growth. Because it could be that the skills we currently have are no longer useful in the future.

“When our job is out of date. So we have to combine our old skills with new skills. We need to upgrade ourselves. But more importantly, is that we understand the values of life," he continued.

For information, the book review event is a series of the 23rd MUC Consulting Anniversary event as well as the launch of the MUC Library. The event, which was attended by around 90 participants, took place online via the Zoom platform and was also broadcast live streaming via MUC Consulting's YouTube. 


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