MUC-UOB Indonesia Webinar: Understanding Customs Obligations and Risks

Wednesday, 29 September 2021

MUC-UOB Indonesia Webinar: Understanding Customs Obligations and Risks

JAKARTA. Every company operating in the export-import sector must understand the provisions related to customs.

Because, if the customs procedures are not properly carried out, this will have a serious impact on the company. Apart from delays, the company's shipping process is also threatened with fines from the customs authorities.

To provide an understanding of the issue, MUC Consulting in collaboration with UOB Indonesia held a webinar with the theme "Recognizing Customs Obligations and Risks in the Import of Goods and the Anticipated Steps".

The webinar which took place on Monday (27/9) was attended by UOB Indonesia's corporate customers. Meanwhile, the material was presented directly by the Director of MUC Consulting, Bambang Sabur.

According to Bambang, there are several things that must be considered by business actors when importing goods. First, the obligation to make a customs notification, namely a statement made by the importer.

Second, an import declaration (PIB) specifically contains information related to the description of goods, classification, customs value, as well as other information and complementary documents.

"This information should not be inaccurate, as it will affect the customs obligations that must be paid by the company," said Bambang.

However, apart from filling out documents incorrectly, another thing that has the potential to become a dispute between the company and the Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DJBC) is the calculation of customs value.

This webinar is also a medium for consultation between business actors and speakers related to issues in the customs sector that often arise.

For information, this webinar is part of a series of UOB Transaction Banking Experience Center (TBEX) program that is held every year.

The MUC-UOB Indonesia collaboration is a form of commitment from the two companies in providing a better understanding of the field of taxation, which has taken place in several webinar sessions.   


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