Commemorating Birthday Amid the Pandemic, MUC is Optimistic Looking to the Future

Wednesday, 29 July 2020

Commemorating Birthday Amid the Pandemic, MUC is Optimistic Looking to the Future

In commemorating the 21st anniversary, on 28 July, 2020, MUC Consulting held a thanksgiving event that was attended by some employees and leaders at MUC Building, Jakarta. 

This anniversary was different from previous years since it took place in the midst of government policy that restricts social activities, including office activities due to the 2019 Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19) pandemic. Therefore, the activities take place by following government-issued health protocols such as limitating the number of participants, managing consumption until the layout and seating position of the participant is at least one metre.

However, with all those limitations the event can go on smoothly and solemnly. So that the essence of gratitude and media for contemplation can be carried out as expected.

On that occasion, Managing Partner of MUC Consulting Sugianto delivered a number of messages and his views on the meaning of the 21st anniversary. According to him, the journey of MUC Consulting for more than two decades is not easy, but with the commitment in maintaining value and quality, can bring the company that was established in 1999 to continue to grow.

Sugianto also said, the challenges that is faced by MUC Consulting in the future would be even tougher. Moreover, with the Covid-19 pandemic that has strucked the past more than half a year all over the world will have an impact on business activities and industrial development, thus affecting business development.

Yet, he is optimistic that MUC Consulting can still survive in the midst of these challenges. "With sincerity, which becomes our value, I am confident that we can remain to be trusted to help our clients," he said, Tuesday (7/28).

He reminded, that the main goal of MUC Consulting is not just to get many clients and become big.
More than that, Sugianto also recalled that the role of consultants in MUC Consulting should contribute to the country, by assisting the taxpayers in carrying out their tax obligation.

Talent Development

In the meantime, Chairman MUC Consulting Dr. Muhammad Razikun added, as an organization that hopes to continue developing, MUC Consulting should be able to grow its talents.   As, according to him, the great talent emerged not because it was born but because it is grown through a series of processes.

Hence, to grow talent there are several processes that must be undertaken, including first learning by doing, learning by practicing. The learning process is unlikely to succeed if it is not practiced, i.e directly dealing with problems and solving them.

Secondly, the process of ignitation or igniting enthusiasm through motivation and the third is the process of mastery coaching. By doing these three things, MUC is expected to have talents that will positively impact the organization and society at large.

Giving Donation

On that moment, the leaders of MUC Consulting also delivered donations that would be distributed through the Butterfly Effect program, a social project initiated by MUC Consulting employees that has been carried out regularly. This time, MUC Butterfly Effect will raise funds to be distributed to the Special Education Foundation (YPLB).

The fundraising was held to commemorate National Children's Day, which falls on 23 July, 2020.
In this activity, the MUC Butterfly Effect committee opened the opportunity for all parties to submit their donations, both in cash and basic necessities, products and medical equipment.


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