DGT Expands Prepopulated Tax Return, Income Tax Included

Friday, 27 October 2023

DGT Expands Prepopulated Tax Return, Income Tax Included

JAKARTA. The Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) will expand the scope of the prepopulated annual tax return system.

Thus, it is not only related to data related to Income Tax Article (ITA) 21 deductions, but will include final income tax deductions on interest on deposits and savings.

Quoting, the prepopulated system for final income tax is only related to banking. Meanwhile, the final income tax on shares cannot be completed yet because it is associated with transactions. Although, from a technical perspective, there are no actual issues.

With the prepopulated system, it will be easier for taxpayers to fill in the Annual Tax Return since the data is already available in the DGT system. So that taxpayers only need to make sure the data is correct.

According to Expert Staff of the Minister of Finance for Tax Regulation and Law Enforcement Iwan Djuniardi, the challenge in optimising the existence of the prepopulated system is that it depends on the compliance of the withholder in deducting, collecting and reporting it through e-bupot (electronic tax withholding slip).

"The more companies that are committees to use e-bupot and comply, the easier it will be for the individual because it has been prepopulated by the company," he said.

Thus, if the company does not use e-bupot, it will have an impact on the ease of individual taxpayers in carrying out their tax obligations. 

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For information, the development of the prepopulated system is part of the DGT's plan to update the tax administration system, named the Core Tax Administration System (SIAP) or core tax system, followed by various service facilities. 

With the SIAP update, all information required in filling out the tax return will be available in the taxpayer account contained in the core tax system. (ASP/KEN)


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