MUC-UTDI Collaborates, Socializing MSME Tax Provisions

Friday, 23 June 2023

MUC-UTDI Collaborates, Socializing MSME Tax Provisions

YOGYAKARTA. In collaboration with Universitas Teknologi Digital Indonesia (UTDI), MUC Consulting held a seminar on tax obligations for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

The seminar on Thursday (22/6) at the UTDI Campus had the theme, MSME Tax Review: Getting to Know MSME Tax Facilities and How to Fill in Electronic Tax Return.

No less than 130 participants attended the seminar directly, even though this is a hybrid event. The participants came from representatives of MSME business actors in Yogyakarta, teachers, and lecturers from a number of schools and universities in Yogyakarta, and UTDI students.

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In addition to reviewing tax regulations for MSME business actors, the seminar also discussed the legal provisions applicable to MSME actors.

The material on tax provisions for MSMEs was delivered by Tax Advisory Supervisor Cahya Fitriana. Meanwhile, the material on Electronic Tax Return reporting for MSMEs was delivered by Tax Compliance Supervisor Evy Suryani.

The material regarding legal provisions for MSME business actors was delivered by MUC Senior Associate Attorney at Law Kiki Amaruly.

In his remarks, UTDI Rector Totok Suprawoto said that currently, many MSMEs do not understand the tax provisions regarding their business activities.

The reason is that taxes are still seen as unfriendly and only cause an administrative burden. In fact, taxes are obligations that must be met.

For this reason, continuous socialization is needed so that all MSME business players understand better and can manage their tax obligations. "Our hope is that MSME players will gain more literacy so they can manage their tax obligations," said Totok, Thursday (22/6).

Related to this, MUC Consulting Partner Wahyu Nuryanto said, MUC Consulting has always been committed to assisting the government in providing education and socialization regarding tax provisions.

MUC Consulting takes this action in the hopes that more people will abide by their tax duties. Wahyu stated, "We are a partner of the DGT in educating the community about taxes," said Wahyu.

For information, this is the second collaboration between MUC Consulting and UTDI Yogyakarta. Previously, in 2022 MUC and UTDI successfully held seminars related to international taxation. (ASP/KEN)


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