An Understanding of Mental Health to Equip Gen Z in the Job Market

Monday, 13 March 2023

An Understanding of Mental Health to Equip Gen Z in the Job Market
Direktur MUC Consulting Erry Tri Merryta tengah memaparkan materi terkait persiapan generasi Z memasuki dunia kerja pada Kamis (9/3) dalam acara pembekalan acara pembekalan calon wisudawan/wati DIII Akuntasi Perpajakan

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting through MUC Great Program once again participated in the debriefing event for prospective graduates of DIII Tax Accounting, Trisakti University, odd semester 2022/2023 on Thursday (9/3). In the briefing event with the theme "Gen Z Entering the Job Market", Director of MUC Consulting Erry Tri Merryta was one of the speakers who presented material related to challenges and solutions for generation Z who will enter the working world.

Erry revealed that among the challenges this generation will face is mental health issues. He elaborated that Generation Z has a number of advantages over previous generations such as technological literacy, multitasking, globalism, informative and expressive. On the other hand, there are also some weaknesses including having unstable endurance, lack of accuracy and regularity, easy to be overthinking and being vulnerable to mental health problems.

"Why do I focus on mental health issues? Because Generation Z is quite vulnerable due to the rapid flow of information received. The potential of this generation of children is great, but mental health issues are very disturbing and can weaken the potential that already exists," she explained.

For this reason, Erry continued, generation Z must be able to recognize the signs of mental health problems. Among them, are loss of motivation, often excessive anger, and feeling sad for a long time for no apparent reason to feeling excessive fatigue. If these signs appear, then it should be alerted. "If necessary, seek professional help. Because if it is not resolved, it will have an impact on work and daily life," he continued.

Erry also explained several ways that Generation Z can do to maintain mental health. Namely, living a healthy lifestyle such as consuming nutritious food and exercising diligently. In addition, start to limit the consumption of information and learn to sort out relationships or friendships." You can also start journaling by writing down anything you can be grateful for and learn to accept and respect yourself," she explained.

Lastly, Erry conveyed several suggestions for Generation Z to be able to achieve success in the working world. The first is to strengthen our mentality so that we can be tough in facing life, then the second is to start learning to understand ourselves so we can understand others. Next, utilize the digital world proportionally and productively. "Finally, build a growth mindset to be more agile and adaptive," Erry added.

For information, the MUC GREAT Program is one of the MUC Consulting Group's CSR programs designed to provide students with an overview of the taxation profession. This program is expected to improve the technical abilities and soft skills of students before they enter the working world. (KEN)

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