2 Tax Practitioners of MUC Consulting Get Global Recognition

Thursday, 29 September 2022

2 Tax Practitioners of MUC Consulting Get Global Recognition
Imam Subekti dan Wahyu Nuryanto dinobatkan sebagai praktisi pajak kelas dunia "Highly Regarded" versi ITR World Tax 2023 (Doc. MUC Consulting)

MUC Consulting's partners, Imam Subekti and Wahyu Nuryanto were again named as "Highly Regarded" world-class tax practitioners based on the ITR World Tax ranking for 2023.

Imam Subekti is recognized as a highly regarded international leader in the field of tax controversy in Indonesia. Meanwhile, Wahyu Nuryanto was selected as a highly regarded international leader in the field of transfer pricing in Indonesia.

Imam Subekti has over two decades of experience handling tax cases for clients from various industrial sectors. His strategy in resolving tax disputes of Fortune 500-listed global information technology companies is considered a significant breakthrough in overcoming previous recurring tax adjustments.

Imam has also been credited with success in applying a smart and innovative strategy to assist his clients in obtaining tax exemption facilities.

In addition, Imam Subekti has also succeeded in carrying out his duties as the sole lawyer for a global fashion company in cross-border taxation cases which are notoriously difficult and complicated to prove.

Meanwhile, with around 28 years of experience in the subject of international taxation, Wahyu Nuryanto is regarded as being quite successful in helping his clients in dealing with issues related to the tax treaty (P3B) and transfer pricing.

Wahyu Nuryanto is an international tax practitioner who actively writes in many mainstream media and is often trusted to be a speaker at various seminars. His insights and ideas in the area of taxation have been published in various scientific works and articles in a variety of mass media and books.

Congratulations to Imam Subekti and Wahyu Nuryanto!

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