Enhancing Collaboration, MSI Global Alliance Holds Southeast Asia Regional Meeting

Tuesday, 26 July 2022

Enhancing Collaboration, MSI Global Alliance Holds Southeast Asia Regional Meeting
Direktur MUC Consulting Shinta Marvianti menghadiri MSI Global Alliance regional meeting secara online pada Jumat (22/7)

In an effort to strengthen cooperative relations between members in the Southeast Asia region, MSI Global Alliance again held an online regional meeting. The meeting attended by about 20 members discussed some of the latest updates regarding the association's plans and strategies in the final trimester of this year and next year.

MSI Global Alliance CEO Andrew Deck stated that the relatively improving pandemic conditions in various parts of the world were a consideration for the association to start taking several approaches related to efforts to strengthen partnerships among members. Some of the updates that were conveyed included plans for holding offline meetings, including regional meetings. So far, the association has held a number of regional meetings in several regions. Meanwhile, on 22-25 October 2022, the MSI Global Alliance International Conference is ready to be held in Washington DC, United States of America.

Therefore, Andrew is optimistic that regional meetings in the Southeast Asia region can also be held offline in 2023. "The year 2022 is a positive year for MSI. Because there are a number of meetings that can be held offline in several regions. For that, we are confident that we can hold a regional meeting in the Southeast Asia region next year," he explained at the Southeast Asia Regional Meeting on Friday (22/7) via the Zoom app.

Regarding the plan to hold a meeting in the Southeast Asia region, Andrew also opened a discussion room for the members, especially related to the location and the host of the event. "We will wait for feedback from all of you regarding this plan. Including determining when is the right time to hold this event," he continued.

According to Andrew, holding offline meetings provides an opportunity for members to expand networking. In addition, during the meeting, members can exchange information about their respective companies, including the challenges faced after the pandemic.
"We can also share about future opportunities for business and collaboration," said Andrew.

During the meeting, members also had the opportunity to share updates regarding the company's performance and economic conditions in each member's home country. From Indonesia represented by MUC Consulting and Public Accounting Firm (KAP) Razikun Tarkosunaryo. On this occasion, MUC Consulting's Tax Dispute Director Shinta Marviani revealed that after the pandemic, the economic condition in Indonesia was gradually improving. Many businesses are back in business. "In Indonesia, the Covid-19 pandemic has improved and is under control. Many offices have reopened, indicating that business conditions are also positive," she explained.

Website Launch

Along with the offline meeting plan, the meeting also provided updates regarding the launch of the latest MSI Global Alliance website. The website will be more innovative and interactive than the previous version.

According to MSI Global Alliance Head of Membership Development Matthew Gimlette, this new website will provide a variety of features that will make it easier for members to find information, promote their company or build relationships. Additionally, members can also upload content related to the latest regulations in their home country or company updates, independently.

"This new website will also provide space for members to showcase their companies. Therefore, during the pre-launch of the website, we will ask members to update the company profile, including the service and market sector so that it is more searchable," Matthew added. (KEN)


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