Adapting to Succeed

Tuesday, 02 November 2021

Adapting to Succeed

Pandemic has changed all aspects of life. No exception to the business world. The way business works have changed completely. However, that doesn't mean the change is a threat, quite the opposite. Businesses must be able to adapt quickly and immediately identify their potential. By adapting, success can be achieved. This is the big theme at the MSI Global Alliance international conference on 20-22 October 2021.

With the theme "Adapting to Succeed", for the second time, MSI held a virtual conference with the Vimeo Video platform and Zoom meeting. MSI Global Alliance CEO Andrew Deck stated, although held online, this conference still presents prominent speakers who are competent in their fields. He revealed, this virtual conference discussed many things, including those related to business challenges and solutions during the current pandemic.

"Because we have compiled a relevant and practical program, which addresses various issues faced by members while identifying and exploring emerging trends during the pandemic and helping members to be successful," he explained

In this virtual conference, the speakers presented were innovative, as they did not only discuss business aspects, but also the big role of technology and human aspects. Among them is a famous branding expert and book author, Jane Anderson. In her presentation entitled "Building Your Ambition by Amplifying Your Uniqueness", Anderson revealed the importance of finding potential in a company that other companies do not have. She stresses the importance of increasing the potential or uniqueness that a company has to achieve success in a competitive market.

Next, there is the Swedish economist and futurologist, Magnus Lindkvist. Lindkvist's presentation related to efforts to maintain business in the midst of challenging situations, such as the era of digital disruption to the arrival of a pandemic that has not yet ended.

Then, creativity and business innovation expert James Taylor also shared his knowledge related to collaboration between humans and technology to adapt in the present time while boosting business performance, through the theme "Supercreativity".

In terms of business and humanity, there is a doctor and philanthropist Dr. Waheed Arian, who shares his personal story as a former Afghan refugee who managed to become a renowned radiologist in the UK, as well as the founder of the charity Arian Telehal which specifically helps residents in conflict countries in need of health assistance.

In addition to presenting keynote speakers, the MSI virtual conference also held several panel discussion sessions with themes that were also relevant to current business conditions, such as using technology to improve management, creating future workplaces, to how to maximize the benefits of collaboration. Also, there are virtual networking sessions that allows participants to exchange information or explore collaboration possibilities.

MSI Global Alliance is a leading international association of independent legal and accounting firms based in London, England. MUC Consulting is one of 250 MSI member companies in more than 100 countries. (Ken)


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