Tightening the Supervision, DGT Can Access Local Government Data

Thursday, 27 August 2020

Tightening the Supervision, DGT Can Access Local Government Data

JAKARTA. In an effort to optimize taxpayer supervision and compliance, the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT) cooperates with 78 Local Governments (Pemda).

The cooperation agreement signed on Wednesday (26/8) contains a number of things, such as the exchange of data between the DGT and the local government, a commitment to jointly supervising taxpayers, and increasing the capacity of local governments to increase local own-source revenue (PAD).

Some local government data that will be accessed by DJP such as business license in various sectors, ranging from tourism sector, plantation, to mining. This is in line with the economic potential of an area.

In his remarks, the Director General of Taxes, Suryo Utomo, said that this cooperation was necessary since both the central and regional governments had the same interest in encouraging revenue.

Moreover, basically the tax subjects for both the local and the central governments are the same party.  "One of our taxpayers is the taxpayer in the area concerned. What should be reported to us should be the same as what is reported to local government in the regions," said Suryo, Wednesday (26/8).

Suryo explained, previously the DGT had collaborated with seven city governments as a pilot program or pilot project, in 2019. From this program, DGT and the Regional Government supervised 1,184 taxpayers whose results were considered satisfactory.

Based on that, DGT is optimistic that if this program is developed it will have a major impact on central and regional revenues.  Moreover, in the era of the Corona Virus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, both parties were faced with a difficult situation.

SOP Standardization

In addition to monitoring and exchanging data, this collaboration also includes DGT's commitment to encourage the implementation of the same Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) in providing tax services by each Local Government.

In this regard, DGT is ready to share its SOP with the Local Government, through Representative Offices scattered throughout the regions.

It is important, so that the information obtained by each local government is easier to compare with other data held by DGT.  For example, in using identity as a requirement for the local government to provide services to the community, whether to use a Single Identity Number (NIK) or use a Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP).


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