MUC-UOB Webinar: No Need to be Afraid of Tax Audits!

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

MUC-UOB Webinar: No Need to be Afraid of Tax Audits!

JAKARTA. MUC Consulting shared success tips in facing tax audits for UOB Indonesia customers virtually, Monday (26/07). The webinar entitled "No Need to be Afraid of Tax Audit" received special attention from more than 70 company representatives from various industries, who attended the event.

The main presenter of this tax workshop was Senior Manager of MUC Consulting Shinta Marvianti and guided by Gianti Pradipta, Senior Consultant of MUC Consulting.

This workshop aims to enable participants, most of whom are UOB Indonesia's corporate customers, to understand and comply with tax regulations so that they have a better preparation when they have to deal with tax auditors.

Shinta Marvianti stressed the importance of preparation before facing tax audits, that is by understanding the provisions and procedures of tax administration. 

"Often the findings in the audits arise because the company sometimes makes mistakes in applying the tax rules," said Shinta.

In addition, taxpayers also need to prepare various documents and other supporting data that may be required in the audit process. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, the majority of audits are carried out virtually, so the completeness of the documents is crucial.

Shinta, who is also a lecturer at the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, University of Indonesia, reminded participants to establish good relations and communication with tax officials, especially in the audit process. The point is that every argument is conveyed properly and can be easily understood by the tax auditor.

This collaborative project of MUC Consulting and UOB Transaction Banking is part of the UOB Transaction Banking Experience Center (TBEX) which is a workshop forum created to improve UOB customers' knowledge about financial or banking aspects in general as well as UOB products.

Tri Febriantono Saputra, Cash Management Sales Head of UOB Indonesia said that this TBEX forum is one of UOB's commitments to support customers' business, this time by providing knowledge about taxation provisions where UOB also presents eTax internet banking services to facilitate customer tax payments.

He hopes that UOB Indonesia customers can make TBEX as a learning medium, which in this occasion provides confidence in dealing with various tax issues.



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