Fighting Against Covid-19, MUC Holds Self-Funded Vaccination

Friday, 09 July 2021

Fighting Against Covid-19, MUC Holds Self-Funded Vaccination

MUC Consulting started a series of self-funded vaccination program as a form of corporate concern for the health of employees and their families, as well as to support the alleviation of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The first phase of self-vaccination or "Gotong Royong vaccination" was held on Friday (9/7/2021) and was attended by 144 participants, who were employees of MUC Consulting and their families.

The vaccination involving the Rumah Vaksinasi was carried out at the MUC Building, following strict health protocols, in accordance with applicable regulations.

Before being injected with the vaccine, all participants must meet the main requirements for vaccination, which is healthy and not on any medical treatment.

Therefore, each prospective vaccine recipient must first undergo a short medical examination through an interview or so-called additional anamnesis, then continued with a physical examination (tension, pulse, temperature). 

After getting vaccinated, each participant will be observed for 15 minutes to 30 minutes after the injection, to see the side effects or adverse events following immunization (KIPI). 

During the first and second vaccine processes, each participant is expected to continue to follow the 5M health protocols (Washing hands, Wearing masks, Keeping a distance, Staying away from crowds, Reducing Mobility).

This Covid-19 vaccination program is a form of MUC Consulting's concern and social responsibility, which also involves affiliated entities: MUC Attorney At Law, KAP Razikun Tarkosunaryo, and MUC Tax Research Institute.

MUC Consulting Managing Partner Sugianto said MUC Consulting participated in the self-vaccination program or "Gotong Royong vaccination" to support the government in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

He hopes that with the pandemic under control, the health system will be able to return to its stability and become one of the efforts to restore the national economy.

Through this social service, MUC Consulting also invites all parties to campaign for the Covid-19 vaccination program through various social media platforms. 

To enliven it, MUC Consulting created a creative campaign by providing attractive selfie frames to make it easier for vaccination participants and all parties to share positive messages through social media.

The theme of this campaign is “MUC Against Covid-19: Protect yourself and your loved ones. Get vaccinated!



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