Karsino Miarso

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Karsino joined MUC Consulting in 2001, after eight years of serving as a tax auditor at the Directorate General of Taxes (DGT).

He was graduated from the Indonesian State College of Accountancy (STAN) and completed his study in Universitas Indonesia as a Master of Islamic (Shari’ah) Economy and Finance. He also holds the highest Tax Consultant Certification (Brevet C) and tax proxy license in Tax Court. His taxation mastery is internationally recognized after he earned his Transfer Pricing Certification from Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT), United Kingdom.

With his expertise in taxation, Karsino is not only reliable in handling various clients’ problems from various industries but also qualified to teach at educational institutions and to be an instructor in various workshops and training of tax. His many innovations and ideas are expressed in various scientific papers and articles published in various media.

Karsino is also actively involved in the drafting of several tax laws, as well as being a speaker in taxation seminars and training.

 Karsino Miarso

Karsino Miarso


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