Tax Guide and Tax Blitz are complimentary publications of MUC Consulting Group covering the latest information on tax, accounting, and legal issues.

Tax Guide

January 2018 Edition
There is always optimism when facing a new year. The same applies to Tax Guide that just entered its second year after its first edition in January 2017.


Waktu Lapor SPT Tiba, Perhatikan Ketentuan Baru Ini!

Pasca berakhirnya tahun pajak 2017, pemerintah mengubah dan mempertegas beberapa ketentuan terkait tata cara pelaporan Surat Pemberitahuan (SPT) pajak, baik SPT Masa maupun SPT Tahunan.


Land Building Title Transfer : Tax Free

Taxpayers participating in Tax Amnesty Program have the chance to obtain Tax Amnesty facility for Income Tax upon title transfer on immovable asset, such as land and building. However, there are some requirements and procedures for Title Transfer that should be understood


Tax Update 01 - Fixed Asset Revaluation
MUC Tax Update is a periodic publication of MUC Registered Tax Consultants that comprise of summaries of the latest Tax and Customs related news and regulations. The materials within are limited to the purpose of providing information and should not be treated similarly as professional advice or a basis in formulating strategic business decisions. Therefore we suggest you to refer to related news and regulations comprehensively or contact our consultant for guidance before the application.

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