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Sugianto is a former tax auditor at the Tax Audit and Investigation Office (Karikpa) for years. Due to his expertise in the area of taxation, accounting, and finance, he was appointed as a member of Economic and Financial Consultant Team to the Indonesian Parliament, in the compilation of Tax Laws 2000 and New Tax Laws 2007. He is frequently invited as a speaker for various taxation seminars and workshops.

He earned his Master degree of Accounting from the University of Indonesia (MAKSI UI), majoring in Taxation, to complete his Diploma in Accounting from the State Accounting College (STAN), Jakarta. He has held the top level of Tax Consultant Certificate (Brevet C) and also owned the license of Tax Representative in the Tax Court since 2001.

Sugianto has experience in area of taxation and accounting for over 20 years and successfully handle more than 250 reputable clients, mostly are multinational companies.

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