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Tax Guide

Year-End Edition, 2017
In this Tax Guide of year-end edition, we retrace a number of interesting moments and taxation policy throughout the year 2017, among others, concerning the end of the tax amnesty program, the implementation of a new format of TP documentation, and Automatic Exchange of Information (AEoI).


Free Trade Zone Regulation Tightened, Export Transaction Subject to Tax

The Government has revised the regulation related to the tax obligations arising from company’s transactions of goods and service in Free Trade Zone (FTZ) by issuing Minister of Finance Regulation (Peraturan Menteri Keuangan/PMK) Number 171 Year 2017.


Land Building Title Transfer : Tax Free

Taxpayers participating in Tax Amnesty Program have the chance to obtain Tax Amnesty facility for Income Tax upon title transfer on immovable asset, such as land and building. However, there are some requirements and procedures for Title Transfer that should be understood


Tax Update 01 - Fixed Asset Revaluation
MUC Tax Update is a periodic publication of MUC Registered Tax Consultants that comprise of summaries of the latest Tax and Customs related news and regulations. The materials within are limited to the purpose of providing information and should not be treated similarly as professional advice or a basis in formulating strategic business decisions. Therefore we suggest you to refer to related news and regulations comprehensively or contact our consultant for guidance before the application. In this first edition, we have summarized some tax updates related to the following topics: 1. Final Income Tax Rate upon Deposit Interest (Government Regulation No. 123 Year 2015) 2. Tax Return 1770SS Format and Usage (The Directorate General of Taxes Regulation No. PER-36/PJ/2015 dated 7 August 2015) 3. Fixed Asset Revaluation with Special Treatment (The Minister of Finance Regulation (PMK) No. 191/PMK.010/2015 dated 15 October 2015 and PER-37/PJ/2015) 4. Owned-Substandard Tenement House (RUSUNAMI) (PMK No.: 269/PMK.010/2015 dated 31 December 2015) 5. Strategic Taxable Goods Exempted from VAT (The Minister of Finance Regulation No. 268/PMK.03/2015 dated 31 December 2015) Thank you for watching our publication. If you consider this publication is beneficial please click like and subscribe to keep updated with our upcoming information. For more information about MUC Registered Tax Consultants, please visit our official website

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