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TaxBlitz #2 

Responding Corona, Tax Stimulus Package is Officially Valid

The Indonesian government officially released a tax stimulus package to minimize the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) on the people's purchasing power and national economic growth.

TaxBlitz #1-2020

Quota Abolished, VAT-Registered Persons May Request Invoice Numbers as Needed

TaxBlitz #17

Here Are the Criteria of Corporates Receiving the Super Deductible Tax

#TaxBlitz 16

Supporting BPJS Kesehatan, the Scope of Pre-Audit Refund Recipients Expands

TaxBlitz 17, 2019.png
Edisi 17 2019

Berikut Kriteria Korporasi Penerima Super Deductible Tax

TaxBlitz 16, 2019.png
Edisi 16 2019

Bantu BPJS Kesehatan, Cakupan Penerima Restitusi Pendahuluan Diperluas

Edisi 15 2019

Genjot Riset & Vokasi, Pemerintah Siapkan Diskon Pajak Hingga 300%

Edisi 13 2019

Perbaharui Aturan, CFC Rules Hanya Sasar Passive Income

Edition 13 2019

Updated Regulation, CFC Rules Only Targets Passive Income

Edisi 12 2019

Nilai Properti Bebas PPnBM Naik

Tax Blitz 12, 2019 eng.png
Edition 12 2019

Property Value Free from STLG Increase

Tax Blitz 11, 2019.png
Edisi 11 2019

Pemerintah Tertibkan Lalu Lintas Barang di Kawasan Bebas

Tax Blitz 11, 2019 eng.png
Edition 11 2019

The Government Controls Goods Traffic in Free Zone

Tax Blitz 10, 2019.png
Edisi 10 2019

Tata Cara Prosedur Persetujuan Bersama Diperjelas

Tax Blitz 10, 2019 English.png
Edition 10 2019

Mutual Agreement Procedure Is Affirmed

Tax Blitz 9, 2019.png
Edisi 9 2019

Ketentuan Dipertegas, Empat Jenis Usaha Otomatis BUT

Tax Blitz 9, 2019 English.png
Edition 9 2019

Regulation Affirmed, Four Business Types Automatically PEs

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